Wealthy Affiliate – A Review

Wealthy Affiliate – A Review

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an available money making site specializing in Affiliate Marketing. It teaches a person how to create a website to market a chosen product, or a group of products by blogging. WA further teaches how to add affiliate links with code to ensure that you are the one who will be credited, thereby making you money from the product(s) owners. This can become a viable source of income.

Compared to other affiliate sites, Wealthy Affiliate has the most intense platform and information available to guide a person through the process of becoming an affiliate marketer. Other sites give a minimal amount of information, virtually no education, and no platform to walk the visitor through the process.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform provides information on how a person can create their own website. Then WA  walks the person through creating the website, step by step, so the person actually learns how to do it.

Furthermore, WA offers their own hosting, teaches you how to get high volume traffic with little or no money, and how to build keyword rich content that search engines pick up on and run with. WA also teaches you how to get ranked in Google. Usually this happens on it’s own at WA, due to the process WA walks you through in creating your own website … and all is done online!

With Wealthy Affiliate, the only drawback I see is that the person must have a basic knowledge of how to use a computer, and some knowledge of the basic lingo that is used. But in this day and age, that’s hardly a drawback at all.

Wealthy Affiliate offers “Getting Started” FREE. That’s right. You can start with no credit card and no money at all. During the free period, you can build your website, build your menu, get keyword rich content, learn how to get the links that direct the money you make straight to you, and receive a lot of valuable knowledge you can use for so many things.  ALL FOR FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate   Later on your membership also includes, but is not limited to, free hosting, continued classrooms and education, places to go for enhanced free tools, communicating with other members, SEO Search Engine Optimization, keyword searches, and several “ask questions” areas to get help or clarification. These are only a few of the included benefits of membership. After the trial period, Wealthy Affiliate offers a very nice discount for your first whole month. By that time, you will have your full website and content set up and ready to go!

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will make money online. But with Wealthy Affiliate, I believe you have the best chance of succeeding, and offered at a fair price. There are no contracts, no pressure, and there is an easy way to immediately cancel your membership so that you aren’t charged any more money. Even that process is easy. What I really like about WA is, there’s no hype, no empty promises, and no pressure. Just good old fashioned know how, and teaching you how to use it.  In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most solid paths to take for making money online.

I want to thank you for reading my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Please join me for another of my blogs, or reviews. As always, you may ask questions, or leave comments in the area below. If you need anything, please add it below, and I will do my best to help you.

Thanks, Carolyn

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